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FH Jemina

FH Jemina

Eminence PS x FH Jadore
2016 Grey Mare

2021 Arabian Breeder Finals Supreme Silver Champion Senior Mare
2021 World Cup Reserve Champion 4&5 Year Old Mare
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Arabian Horse Pedigree for FH JEMINA

        ALFABIA DAMASCUS (IT) SSB*12962 Grey 2004   WH JUSTICE AHR*569947 Grey 1999
MAGNUM PSYCHE AHR*519029 Chestnut 1995
VONA SHER-RENEA AHR*439932 Grey 1989
  APRIL CAROL ITSB*7104 Grey 1996
PARYS EL JAMAAL BRSB*16956 Grey 1991
*BA NIKETA BRSB*9037 Bay 1986
    JA URBINO AHR*641588 Grey 2007      
        JA ULTIMA SSB*12966 Grey 2003   BESSON CAROL AHR*557569 Bay 1998
PARYS EL JAMAAL BRSB*16956 Grey 1991
*CLASSIC KRYSTALL BRSB*12045 Chestnut 1987
  ULTIMATE HIGH AHR*547604 Grey 1997
WN ULTIMATE STAR AHR*436201 Grey 1989
JA HIGH SOCIETY AHR*274155 Grey 1983
  EMINENCE PS AHR*656487 Grey 2011      
        ECHO MAGNIFFICOO AHR*415513 Chestnut 1988   ALADDINN ECHO AHR*216804 Bay 1980
*ALADDINN AHR*177073 Bay 1975
GAAMARA AHR*53456 Bay 1968
  S S MAGNOLIA AHR*248928 Chestnut 1982
AN MAGNO AHR*134622 Chestnut 1976
SS SOUFIANNA AHR*135551 Grey 1976
    TORRIFFICOO AHR*514295 Grey 1994      
        TORMAE AHR*302966 Grey 1983   TORNADO AHR*33449 Grey 1965
*BASK AHR*25460 Bay 1956
*SILWARA AHR*12886 Grey 1955
  CEN-DINA MAE AHR*196625 Bay 1978
DINAS RISHINA AHR*31905 Chestnut 1965
FH JEMINA AHR*673231 Grey 2016   
        PADRONS PSYCHE AHR*418979 Chestnut 1988   *PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977
PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
  KILIKA AHR*266273 Bay 1982
*TAMERLAN AHR*181487 Bay 1967
*KILIFA AHR*226721 Chestnut 1972
    RODAN LTD+// AHR*616530 Bay 2004      
        LV FANTINE AHR*558473 Black 1996   LV CARTELL AHR*352826 Bay 1985
BEY SHAH AHR*134556 Bay 1976
RASWIA AHR*20852 Bay 1962
  FYRE AND SPICE AHR*266150 Bay 1982
PORT BASK AHR*44242 Bay 1967
DS DROGI AHR*122367 Bay 1975
  FH JADORE AHR*652363 Grey 2009      
        DAKAR EL JAMAAL AHR*540571 Grey 1996   *ALI JAMAAL BRSB*7949 Bay 1982
RUMINAJA ALI AHR*134937 Grey 1976
  *SONOMA LADY BRSB*26509 Grey 1981
KJ JORDGEE BOY AHR*62723 Grey 1970
BRANDIE AHR*83719 Grey 1972
    FH DJAMILA AHR*589019 Grey 2001      
        NUGHAYMA AHR*373666 Grey 1985   *NUGAD AHR*207109 Grey 1979
NIASSA GASB*990 Grey 1974
  *GHAYMA AHR*267290 Grey 1980
JALISCO AVS*889 Grey 1971
MEL FUENTE AVS*1124 Grey 1976

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